Ronald Lowe - 'Venture into the Dales '

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Ronald Lowe





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Venture into the Dales

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69cm x 53cm


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Available for sale from Big Sky Fine Art; this original watercolour by Ronald Lowe dates from around the late 1960s.
The work is presented and supplied in a sympathetic and contrasting contemporary frame to suit the subject colouration and behind glass.

Ronald Lowe was a Yorkshire man by birth, but from 1959 lived and worked in Wales, and established himself as one of the leading Welsh artists of the twentieth century.

He studied at Leeds College of Art 1949-1955, with Richard Macdonald and Keith Lucas, and then in London. He served in the Army as an education officer, then moved to Wales and continued his career in education. He taught first in a school in Haverfordwest and then as a lecturer in the History of Art in both the University of Aberystwyth and the University of Swansea. The artist Maurice Sheppard was one of his students and there was a close working relationship between the two artists, with Sheppard frequently visiting Lowe’s studio in Pembrokeshire. Lowe also became Her Majesty’s Inspector of Art for Wales.

When not teaching Lowe was painting and his open expansive style developed over the years and brought him much recognition, He took part in many group shows, including the Royal Academy and the Howard Roberts’ Gallery, Cardiff. He also had many one-man exhibitions, starting with Dillwyn Gallery, Swansea. These were mainly in Wales, but also in America.

Today his work is found in many public collections, including the Welsh National collection and University College, Swansea.

Lowe loved to paint landscapes, to capture the beauty of scenes from his native Yorkshire and Wales. His later works include stunning and dramatic views, sometimes from an aerial perspective, of which this is an excellent example.

This original work depicts the Dales of northern England, from the perspective of height and movement. We feel we are strapped to the underbelly of a large bird, soaring above! There is a real sense of speed, as the ground swirls below, coming into and out of focus. The prominent colours on the ground are rich brows and soft yellows, with wisps of blue, purple and orange. Darker browns mark out hedges, trees and shrubs. The sky in the distance in painted in the same palette of soft hues and the overall impression is a sense of wonderment.


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