Peter James Bailey - 'Pyrus communis '

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Peter James Bailey





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Pyrus communis

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Available for sale but currently not on display

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Oil on Canvas

57cm x 42cm


£ 1,295.00

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Available for sale from Big Sky Fine Art; this original oil painting by Peter Bailey created in 2001.
The painting is presented and supplied in its’ original hand painted frame.

A talented contemporary British artist, Peter Bailey was born in Bridlington on 1951. He always had an eye for design and creativity, but achieved trade qualifications on leaving school. In 1973 he emigrated to South Africa and subsequently worked in many countries around the world as a tradesman. He lived for a long time in the Middle East, and particularly Bahrain.

Wherever he worked Peter took an interest in the different cultures and studied various styles and techniques of application. It was many years though before he had an opportunity to develop as an artist, and turn to this as his true vocation. When he returned to the UK he gave himself a plan of objectives to develop his skills as an artist. He undertook some formal training in art and design, though he is for the most part self-taught, and also did some teaching. He used the support of mentors, such as Ken Wathy and David Hockney, and found inspiration in the Art Deco period. Over the years he has developed his own particular style, with an exceptional use of light and a richness of texture.

Peter’s subjects mainly reflect his own interests and passions. His work includes incredibly realistic still life, stylish moody scenes from jazz and blues clubs, powerful sporting icons, vintage racing cars, classical maritime views, graceful nudes and ballet dancers. His equine work is arguably his very best, and he loves to create timeless images of these beautiful creatures. When living in Bahrain he began painting Arab horses and produced some quite breath-taking images, one of which was presented to Nelson Mandela via the Majlis Gallery and Dubai Government at the Middle East Summit of 2000.

Whatever the subject, he has a knack of capturing the essence of his subject. He considers his artwork to be an essential component of his lifestyle. Peter mainly works with oils on larger canvases.

Peter Bailey’s paintings have been exhibited in the Middle East, Holland, Australia, Spain and the UK. He has been featured in various magazine articles, is a member of the Equine Artists Society and the British Society of Painters. He currently paints, writes and travels extensively, from his base in Scarborough and is still active in the Bahrain Art Group.

This original oil on canvas is entitled Pyrus communis, which is the proper name for the common or European pear. It depicts half a dozen such pears, in various positions on a polished amber coloured surface, with dramatic shading and reflections. The background is purple, a perfect balance for the rich greens and yellows of the pears. The detail on the fruit is remarkable, so that the composition has an almost photographic appearance. This is a fresh, bright modern piece, perfect for display for many wall locations.


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