Gareth Parry - 'Gaeaf, Cymru (Winter, Wales)'

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Gareth Parry





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Gaeaf, Cymru (Winter, Wales)

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Oil on Canvas

50cm x 50cm


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Available for sale from Big Sky Fine Art; this original oil painting by Gareth Parry, dating from after 2000.
The painting is presented and supplied in it’s original frame.
Previously with the Attic Gallery, Swansea.

One of the most popular contemporary Welsh artists of his generation, Gareth Parry was born in Blanenau Ffestiniog, a slate quarrying town in North Wales, in 1951. After leaving school he went to study at Manchester College of Art from 1969-1970. His formal studies were curtailed because left before completing the course, or , in his own words, “I managed to get myself kicked out for various reasons”. He returned home and worked at a local mine for a couple of years, following in the family tradition, before leaving and starting to paint again. He refers to this time as doing “anything to make a living by the brush”, undertaking commissions and producing illustrations, mainly in landscape and still life. Throughout these early years, he also worked as a labourer to make a living. From 1973-78 he worked mainly as a book illustrator.

For over a decade he only painted en plein air, outside in all weathers. He regards this a crucial to his development as an artist and recalls it as “the best training I could ever have had.”. He then began to work more in his studio and from memory, which he thinks of “as the companion of observation”. Parry paints using a traditional brush, but also uses a palette knife, using considerable freedom of expression and “letting the paint do the work”

From 1980 Gareth Parry decided to concentrate mainly on exhibition work and since then has exhibited widely in London, including the Thackery Gallery, and throughout Wales. He has works in many notable private collections, as well as public ones, including the National Library of Wales, Coutts & Co. Bank, Gwynedd County Council and Oriel Ynys.

He is best known today for his landscapes and seascapes, which are very much about mood, more abstract than figurative, capturing the effects of the weather and natural elements. He says that his works are atmospheric, more about “being there” than specific to a location. He describes his subjects as mainly “Cymru y Cymry”, namely land and people. His figurative works often reflect his own concerns about the changing social landscape of his native Wales.

In 2006 Gareth Parry was elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

This original painting is an atmospheric piece depicting a typical winter scene in a Welsh village. The palette is limited to the crisp white of the snow, shades of greys, and accents of sharp blue. The modest houses and outbuildings seem huddled together against the cold, resilient. The smoke from their chimneys suggests the warmth within. The homes blend, almost seamlessly into the fields and the more distant hills, like a giant snow-covered patchwork quilt. Hedgerows and trees push through the white blanket to expose their bare branches. There is a clever use of perspective as the eye travels from the close to the far, to the dark brooding sky, giving a sense of continuity and showing the small community as an integral part of its natural environment.


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